IT Infrastructure Mgmt &DevOps

Our IT services enable you to focus on your core business activities, while our specialized IT team manages your ancillary tasks.

Streamlined IT Excellence

Our IT services empower you to prioritize your core business while entrusting non-essential tasks to our dedicated IT team.

Managed Web Hosting Services

Experience top-notch web hosting powered by DigitalOcean servers. Benefit from our IT expertise as we fine-tune your hosting for optimal performance. Elevate your website's efficiency and reliability with a hosting solution designed to meet the unique demands of WordPress and many other popular CMS's, ensuring a seamless online presence.

Testing & Development Server Hosting

As a member of our coworking community, you will be allocated a slot on our shared servers for your testing and development projects. For an additional fee, you can lease one from us, or bring your own. Our air-conditioned, secure facility is monitored 24/7 with enough capabilities to ensure optimal testing and development.

IT Infrastructure Managment

Optimize your work without the need to hire a dedicated IT personnel. Our IT Infrastructure Management service for coworking members includes equipment repairs and software installations. Lease equipment such as PC's, laptops, monitors and other peripherals to ensure smooth operation while you focus on your core business tasks.

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