Payroll and Agent Services

Service based on long term experience, robust software solution—coupled with a wide network of external consultants to ensure pinpoint precision in payroll management and provision of incorporation services.

Accuracy & Legal Compliance

With years of experience in payroll management and over 3000 monthly accounts, our team is ready to assist you in delivering accurate and timely payroll management, coupled with comprehensive support for local company registration and registered agent services.

Payroll Services

Unlock the convenience of seamless Payroll Services without the need to register a company. Our solution allows you to manage employees efficiently, ensuring timely salary disbursements and tax compliance, all while maintaining the flexibility of not requiring formal company registration as your employees will be registered through our company. Streamlined payroll, simplified business.

Company Registration

Embark on effortless company registration in North Macedonia with our swift three-day process. The most widely favored company structure is "dooel," which is akin to the commonly recognized "LTD" designation. Our experts simplify documentation, ensuring a smooth registration experience. Start your business venture confidently with our efficient and reliable services.

Registered Agent

Ensure business compliance with our Registered Agent Services. We serve as your dependable point of contact, overseeing legal notifications and guaranteeing punctual document delivery. Entrust us as your registered agent, providing the assurance that your business remains compliant, enabling you to concentrate on growth with confidence and peace of mind.

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